A&W Cream Soda (12oz)

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From the brand that brought you the sweet taste of America’s favourite root beer founded in Lodi, California way back in 1919, comes A&W Cream Soda. Caffeine-free and made with the deliciously creamy and smooth taste of vanilla, it’s the perfect way to enjoy family nights. Whether you’re watching a movie, enjoying a board game, or simply taking in the great outdoors gathered around a campfire, A&W Cream Soda makes the night that much sweeter. Although you can easily enjoy it all by itself in a frosty mug, nothing quite beats the taste of an A&W Cream Soda paired with all your favourite foods. So, whether you’re enjoying a full, delicious meal or digging into a sweet dessert, pop open an A&W Cream Soda and make it a 100% truly decadent experience. When you’re in the mood for an ultra-sweet indulgent treat, you can’t go wrong with an A&W Cream Soda!



Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, sodium benzoate (preservative), caramel colour, citric acid, yucca extract, natural and artificial flavours.

Imported from the USA


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