Cap'n Crunch's Chocolate Caramel Crunch (Best Before Jan 21 2022) (19.4oz)

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Sweet and crunchy, nothing competes with Cap’n Crunch cereal. Grab a bowl or cup for an easy snack that goes great with couch time, anytime.





Corn flour, sugar, oat flour, brown sugar, palm and/or coconut oil, salt, cocoa powder, natural and artificial flavour, caramel colour, reduced iron, yellow 6, niacinamide*, yellow 5, red 40, corn syrup, BHT (to preserve freshness), thiamine, mononitrate*, blue 2, pyridoxine hydrochloride*, riboflavin*, blue 1, folic acid*. *One of the B Vitamins.

Imported from the USA 


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