Cow Tales Minis Vanilla Chewy Caramel With Cream (3oz)

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Delectably chewy, smooth and creamy! No one can resist the sweet and telling tale of Cow Tales!  Made of a special non-sticky like caramel and filled with irresistible creamy centres. These yummy candies have been enjoyed and loved since 1984. We all love a fairytale, but nothing compares to a Cow Tale!


Wheat Flour, Corn Syrup, Sugar, Highly Refined Coconut Oil, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Dextrose, Modified Whey, Skim Milk, Cream, Mono & Diglycerides, Palm Oil, Corn Starch, Salt, Natural & Artificial Flavour, Soy Lecithin

Imported from the USA

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