Hershey's Holiday Hot Cocoa Kisses (10oz)

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Share a special KISSES Milk Chocolate inspired by a classic cup of hot cocoa. Delicious milk chocolate and marshmallow flavoured creme make these KISSES Hot Cocoa Chocolates the perfect holiday treat. Use them to fill stockings, top gifts or add a fun new twist to your holiday cookie trays. 



Milk chocolate [sugar; milk; chocolate; cocoa butter; milk fat; lecithin (soy); natural flavour]; sugar; vegetable oil [canola oil; palm oil; palm kernel oil]; whey (milk); skim milk; contains 2% or less of: milk; natural flavour; cornstarch; lecithin (soy); salt.

Allergens & Warnings:

Manufactured on the same equipment that processes tree nuts.

Imported from the USA

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