Hidden Valley Ranch Secret Sauce Original (BEST BY 23 DEC 2021)(12oz)

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Hidden Valley The Original Ranch Secret Sauce, Original is the perfect way to serve up restaurant-inspired flavour at home and add some ranch-zing to your favourite foods. This tangy sauce brings garlicky, buttermilk magic-in-a-squirt-bottle to your kitchen table, so theres no need to leave the house and start the car to top off your burgers, tacos, fries and sandwiches with creamy Ranch goodness. Stock up your pantry so you're never without a bottle-of-bang for all those foodie moments that require a touch of special herbs and spices. This secret sauce features an easy-squeeze nozzle designed for no fuss, no mess. It's also gluten-free, keto-friendly and 120 calories per serving.





Vegetable oil (soybean and/or canola), tomato puree, buttermilk, sugar, salt, spices, vinegar, egg yolk, natural flavours, less than 1% of: garlic*, onion*, molasses, tamarind, phosphoric acid, xanthan gum, modified food starch, monosodium glutamate, artificial flavours, corn syrup, caramel color, disodium phosphate, with sorbic acid, calcium disodium edta and nisin preparation added to preserve freshness, disodium inosinate & guanylate. * dried.

Allergens & Warnings:

Contains: Milk, egg and soy.

Imported from the USA 

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