Life Multigrain Cereal Cinnamon (18oz)

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Attention Life Cereal lovers there's room for two loves in your life. We've spiced up your favourite cereal with the lively taste of cinnamon. Enjoy the wholesome sweetness of Quaker Life Cereal and cinnamon made with whole grain Quaker Oats, and start your day off right.
Quaker Life Cinnamon Cereal satisfies the kid in everyone with just the right touch of sweetness and crispy goodness. Excellent source of B vitamins to help convert food into energy. 18 grams of whole grains per serving. Quaker Life Cinnamon cereal helps promote healthy hearts.


Whole grain oat flour, sugar, corn flour, whole wheat flour, rice flour, calcium carbonate, salt, cinnamon, disodium phosphate, caramel colour, reduced iron, niacinamide*, zinc oxide, yellow 6, bht (a preservative), yellow 5, thiamin mononitrate*, red 40, riboflavin*, pyridoxine hydrochloride*, natural flavour, folic acid*, blue 1.

Allergens & Warnings:
Contains: Wheat ingredients.
Imported from the USA 

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