Sour Patch Kids Heads 2 Flavours In 1 (3.6oz)

Sour Patch Kids Heads 2 Flavours In 1 (3.6oz)

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Mix up your favourite mischievous, sour then sweet candy with NEW SOUR PATCH KIDS HEADS. First sour, then sweet & now bursting with two different flavours in one Big SOUR PATCH KIDS HEAD gummy. Bite in half for individual flavours, or eat the entire piece for a new fun-filled flavour combination.



Sugar, Invertsugar, Corn Syrup,Modified Corn Starch,Contains Less Than 2% Of Tartaric Acid,Citric Acid,Natural And Artificial Flavour, Yellow 6,Red 40,Yellow 5,Blue 1.

Imported from the USA

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