Starburst Swirlers Chewy Candy Sticks 21ct- (7.78oz)

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Can't choose your favorite STARBURST Candy flavour? Now you don't have to. STARBURST Swirlers Chewy Candy Sticks are a delicious twist on the classic flavours you love. Combining two flavours swirled into one, STARBURST Swirlers Chewy Sticks include cherry-lemon, strawberry-orange and cherry-strawberry flavours for an unexplainably juicy taste. These individually wrapped candy sticks are slightly smaller than a dollar bill, making them perfect for enjoying on the go or as an afternoon treat.







Sugar, Corn Syrup, Palm Oil; Less than 2% of: Citric Acid, Pectin, Sodium Citrate, Apple Juice Concentrate, Natural and Artificial Flavours, Mono- and Diglycerides, Colour Added.

Imported from the USA 

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